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José María Dutilh

Firm: LeQuid
Country: Spain

Practice Area: Insolvency

  • C/ Capitán Haya 1
    Planta 15
    28020 Madrid
Corporate, Social Enterprise Lawyer and Insolvency Practicioner, since 1.986.

Managing Partner at “LeQuid, Social Enterprise and Business Law Firm”. Specialized in Social Enterprises, Restructuring and Distress M&A. Law and Economy Graduate by ICADE (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas). LLM in Business Law and Tax Law by INSTITUTO DE EMPRESA. MBA by ESDEN. LLM in Corporate Insolvency and Restructuring by CEU (Universidad San Pablo/CEU), currently being Lecturer of Distress M&A in the Master of M&A Expert (by ISDE). Secretary to the Board of the Chamber of Commerce of Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherdand´s Forum in Spain, and Secretary to the Board of INCARI (Institute of Private Equity, Seed  and Capital Development).

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