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Mr. Mahmoud Alzayat

Firm: Alzayat Law Firm
Country: Egypt

Practice Area: International Contract

  • Villa 32, 2nd District
    5th Zone, 5th Settlement New Cairo

Dr. Mahmoud is exceptionally talented, providing a full-fledged legal service and advice as a firm’s managing partner, in addition to his deep understanding and experience in private international law as an accepted expert before the Royal Court of Justice in UK, the Supreme Court of Slovakia, and the Supreme Court of Cyprus. Not to mention his unique approach on International Contracts as a reflection of his excellent academics and PhD from the highest-ranking Law Schools in the field.

Further, Dr. Mahmoud’s diversified knowledge and practical experience in contract laws of different legal traditions, makes him highly competent in drafting and negotiating different types of contracts of international nature, in a way that ensures all rights of his clients, and provide them with the stability and peace of mind that they deserve.


  • Obstgartenstrasse 5
    8910 Affoltern am Albis , Zurich

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