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Fausto De Angelis

Firm: "FdA" Studio Legale Avv. Fausto De Angelis - Legal Services in Business Law
Country: Italy

Practice Area: Business

  • Via Garibaldi 55/D
    21020 Buguggiate
Fausto De Angelis is the Founding Partner of “FdA Law Firm” – Legal Services in Business Law.  

He is a business lawyer with solid international background acquired during his career as head of legal in multinational companies. With more than 25 years of experience in carrying on negotiations, restructuring of operations and achievement of cross-border deals he is now the perfect partner for large companies and SMEs’ which intend to start-up new businesses abroad as well to strengthen their presence in the emerging markets.

He can also offer to his clients managerial and entrepreneurial skills as part of his legal business advisory. During his career both as “in house” legal executive and in the private practise he has reached an advanced track-record of important M&A transactions, Compliance programs creation and business crisis management.  

He got a post-degree specialization in Corporate & Commercial Law at Harvard Law School and in Business Management at Bocconi School of Management. 

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