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STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit.

Firm: STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit.
Country: Romania

Practice Area: M&A

  • 15 Lt. Av. Vasile Fuica St.
    1st district
    012083 Bucharest
STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit. focuses on providing full service legal / tax advice and assistance to legal entities as an absolute majority; the client circle comprises both small and medium size companies and global players. 

During the last years we have become an essential resource to companies requiring restructuring measures such as spin-offs or mergers – whether national or cross-border.

See below a list of the domains we are focused to provide services in:

Corporate: incorporation of companies; obtaining public law authorisations and permits; general corporate matters; participations; joint ventures; restructurings; and the dissolution and liquidation of companies; special corporate matters for stock-listed companies.
M&A: pre-agreements (negotiation and signing of NDAs, MoU, LoI in the preparatory phase of transactions), due diligence; sale and purchase of companies (asset and share deals), structuring of transactions, contract drafting, negotiations, signing and closing of transactions, as well as post-closing actions; restructuring of businesses, cross border and domestic mergers, spin-offs, etc.,
Commercial: purchase, supply, leasing, service agreements and other contracts; general terms and conditions; consumer protection law; issues related to the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).
Real estate: agriculture and forestry; project development; real estate leasing; real estate funds; facility management; concessions; industrial tenancy/lease agreements; public-private partnerships; and dispute settlement.
Construction: construction contracts; general contractor agreements; construction supervision legislation; consortium/joint venture agreements; FIDIC contracts; EPC for energy production facilities; building permit and town planning legislation; and litigation.
Employment: individual labour law (drafting and terminating employment and management agreements, employee inventions etc); collective labour law (collective bargaining agreements, unions, employee representatives, company and work regulations, employee participation in SE/SCE/European Work Council); measures in case of workload fluctuations (collective redundancies and others); and litigation.
Litigation: representation in front of the Romanian courts in all domains of business law; preparing and conducting arbitration proceedings.
Compliance: setting up and implementing internal control systems for the prevention and early recognition of law violations, especially in sensitive fields such as competition, criminal, labour, data protection and corporate legislation.
IT: software and licensing agreements; e-commerce (B2B, B2C); and data protection.
Public procurement: public tenders; support during the proceedings in front of the contracting authorities; and litigation (CNSC, courts of law).
Competition: legal advice related to marketing strategies; measures against anti-competitive counterfeits; litigation; and strategies for preventing litigation.
Antitrust: advice for contract drafting; notification of economic concentrations; representation in front of the Competition Council; and litigation concerning applied fines.
Industrial property protection: trade mark rights; protection for utility models; copyright law; domain protection; and competition law.


Our clients rely on our knowledge and over 20 years of experience to navigate the Romanian landscape from our three offices located within the country (Bucharest, Bistrita, Sibiu). We have a good professional relationship with each and every client, and offer full support customized for their businesses. 

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