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Dr Mark Odenbach

Firm: Barber Odenbach
Country: Germany

Practice Area: Structured Finance

  • Kantstraße 164,
    10623 Berlin
Dr Mark Odenbach is an international lawyer who focuses his legal practice on, inter alia, Structured Finance & Investments. 

Most recently, Dr Odenbach advised his clients in connection with the following types of structured finance & investment transactions: 
  • bankruptcy protected real estate development loans and bonds;
  • structured real estate investments (debt and equity);
  • structured bonds for various industries and purposes; 
  • bankruptcy remote vendor finance arrangements;
  • factoring and forfeiting arrangements; and
  • various types of structured private equity funds for placement with sophisticated investors. 

Dr. Odenbach’s clients include:
  • banks, financial institutions and payment/e-money institutions;
  • high net worth individuals; and 
  • other law firms. 

In past decades, when working as an associate and as a partner of international law firms, Dr Odenbach advised major international banks and the finance arms of large multinational enterprises, such as Daimler, in connection with structured debt financings, mainly securitisations (CDO, CMBS, auto loan ABS). 
Regardless of the respective matter at hand, Dr Odenbach’s structuring approach is always driven by the overarching objective of ‘situation adequacy’.

According to Dr Odenbach, situation adequacy can be achieved by analysing the respective deal situation from five different perspectives and by drawing conclusions from these analyses.

The five perspectives are:
  • the client’s business perspective;
  • the public policy perspective; 
  • the accounting and tax perspective;
  • the litigation and legal enforcement (including insolvency) perspective; and
  • the legal documentation and negotiation perspective.

Dr Odenbach discusses situation adequacy and the five perspectives in a blog called Situation Law ( 

Dr Odenbach works as an English solicitor and as a German qualified lawyer (Rechtsanwalt). He structures and documents transactions – and he litigates.

He practised in London for eight years and – for shorter periods in Spain and New York City.

Dr Odenbach working languages are his mother tongue German as well as English and Spanish.

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