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Carl Mir

Firm: Mir Taxes LLC
Country: Belgium

Practice Area: U.S. Tax Services

  • Rue de la Presse 4
Mir Taxes LLC is a tax services firm dedicated to assisting US expats and led by Carl Mir, a professional and career accountant with numerous years of experience and education. The firm is ready to assist you in being compliant with the US government while living abroad. In other words, Mir Taxes will help you establish some peace of mind and out of trouble while you enjoy living in a different culture.

Mir Taxes will provide consultations on any US-related tax questions concerning declaration reporting, forms and where your income may be taxable. Every case is different so every question is welcomed as another opportunity to assist the US expat community. The fees are competitive and reasonable offering flat fees depending on your filing requirements. You can also receive consultations on other accounting concerns and financial services. Financial services recommendations will be provided by partnered firms on retirement planning, monetary foreign exchange needs, and smart investments.

Mir Taxes is an international firm with an outreach to all globally serving clients in Europe, America and Asia. Inquiries are welcomed through the Contact Us form (Click on the box below).  Questions and concerns can be sent via the form, email, telephone, video-conference or in-person at our office. We offerone-on-one customer service all year, please contact us.

Worldwide Finance Awards 2020 hosted by Acquisition International.
MIR Taxes - Tax Advisors of the Year 2020 - Belgium

Global 100 - 2021
Tax Advisors of the Year - 2021 - Mir Taxes LLC

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