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Rainier Mamangun

Firm: Mamangun Law Office
Country: Philippines

Practice Area: Real Estate

  • Unit 2305, Antel Global Corporate Center,
    #3 Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Metro Manila, 1605
The Law Office of Atty. Rainier Mamangun was established in 2004 and has provided services to a multitude of clients, both locals and foreigners, in the areas of Property Purchase; Guidance in Investments on Real Properties in the Philippines; Transfer & Registration of Title; Expropriation; Due Diligence; Contract Drafting & Review; cases before the Human Settlements Adjudication Commission (formerly HLURB); and cases filed with the regular courts such as for Ejectment, Cancellation of Title, Reconstitution of Lost Title, Petition for Issuance of New Title, Reconveyance, Removal of Encumbrance, Cancellation of Adverse Claim, Breach of Contract, and Settlement of Estate, among others.

We provide advisory, due diligence, and litigation services in real estate transactions and property concerns. Our services likewise cover the preparation and review of contracts, agreements, and instruments relating to the purchase and acquisition of real properties, including purchases made by foreign nationals when allowed by law. We also engage in negotiations with developers or other parties to real estate transactions, deal with rescission and nullification of contracts, as well as pursue claims under the Maceda Law and other relevant legislation. 

Our years of experience permit us to address our client’s concerns effectively and facilitate a cost-efficient and successful accomplishment of their objectives.  The Firm’s lawyers, associates, paralegals, interns, and support staff are trained, skilled in their line of work, and dedicated to their craft.   Embedded in the Firm’s culture is the genuine concern for the client's cause. Thus, the Firm renders tailor fit solutions to respond to the client’s specific needs. Given the pandemic and its impact on people's finances, the Firm understands the need for reasonable and flexible rates while maintaining the quality of service that it provides.   

Aside from Real Estate concerns, our Firm also provides a full range of legal services  for any case, concern, or interest that you may have.  Our Law Firm has been in existence for 18 years  and has handled thousands of cases in various areas of the law which means we would not be "learning as we go" when we attend to your case.  We are a full-service law firm that also deals with cases involving Family Law, Corporation Law, Commercial Law, Civil  & Criminal Law, Labor Law, Immigration Law,  and the rendering of general legal advice.  

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