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Joseph YAV K.

Firm: Yav & Associates
Country: Congo (Dem. Rep.)

Practice Area: Business

  • Bldg Colibri Center, 1st Floor Avenue Lumumba / Avenue
    Ndjamena Commune Lubumbashi
    Province Haut-Katanga
Founder and Manager of YAV & ASSOCIATES. He holds a Doctorate of Law from the University of Lubumbashi, a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Pretoria, a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Lubumbashi and several postgraduate diplomas (KUL, U. Cape Town, Toronto, Wits).

Fondateur du cabinet YAV & ASSOCIATES et Associé Principal. Détenteur d'un Doctorat en Droit de l'UNILU, d'un Master en Droit de l'University of Pretoria, d'un DEA en Droit et de plusieurs diplômes post-universitaires (KUL, U. Cape Town, Toronto, Wits, etc.)

Areas of interest: OHADA Business and Commercial Law, Mining Law, Intellectual Property Law, Labour and Employment law, Adoption Law, Tax and Custom Law, Immigration Law, Arbitration Law, Property Law, investment Law, etc.

The Firm
YAV & ASSOCIATES is an independent, Full-service Law Firm based in Democratic Republic of Congo with nearly 20 years of experience. We are committed to delivering top quality legal services, excellent industry insight and in-depth knowledge of the local market. We invest significant resources in understanding the clients’ business and their strategic objectives. This, combined with a dedication to professional integrity, is one of the fundamental factors that defines the firm’s strength and reputation.

Striving for the highest levels of professionalism, skill, and accountability, we challenge ourselves to be better attorneys and higher achievers for our clients. Today's full-service practice continues to live up to the standards established nearly 20 years ago: efficient, cost-effective, and comprehensive solutions for clients.

Our firm’s commitment to quality service extends from our highly skilled attorneys to our experienced professional staff. By building relationships based on trust, communication, and responsiveness, we tailor our service to ensure our clients’ current needs are met while also anticipating their future needs... enabling them to accomplish more.

Since its establishment it has consistently been one of the most prominent full service law firms in DRC and Africa constantly evolving and adapting to the competitive legal market requirements and our clients’ needs.

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