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Alexander Karapancev

Firm: Karapancev Law
Country: Canada

Practice Area: Criminal Litigation

  • 130 Adelaide Street West, Suite 2929
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5H 3P5
Alexander Karapancev is a Toronto criminal lawyer practicing throughout the Greater Toronto Area. He regularly serves as lead trial counsel on serious and complex criminal cases. He is the founder of Karapancev Law, a law firm representing clients facing criminal charges, regulatory offences, and professional discipline proceedings. 

Mr. Karapancev has acted as counsel in hundreds of cases throughout the province of Ontario, regularly representing clients at trials, applications, bail hearings and preliminary inquiries. He regularly represents individuals charged with serious allegations of fraud, narcotics trafficking, driving and driving, and sexual assault. Prior to founding his law firm, Mr. Karapancev practiced criminal defence at a boutique Toronto law firm and also served as a per diem Crown prosecutor. 

Alexander Karapancev is regularly retained by clients facing high-stakes criminal prosecutions. He has represented clients charged in large-scale police project cases involving alleged domestic and international drug trafficking and high-level fraud. He has secured full acquittals at trial for a number of clients charged with serious sexual assault allegations and he has successfully resolved countless domestic assault cases. 

In addition to having a law degree, Mr. Karapancev holds a Master of Laws in Canadian Common Law. He utilizes his advanced legal education along with his extensive trial experience to develop innovative legal arguments for cases that appear unwinnable on their surface. 

Karapancev Law strives to provide clients with unparalleled legal representation when they are facing difficult legal situations. Clients often come to the firm when they are under investigation or facing crisis situations with forthcoming litigation. Mr. Karapancev provides them with immediate advice and thoughtful representation, often discreetly resolving cases and preventing otherwise uncomfortable legal exposure from materializing.

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