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Laina Chan

Firm: 2 Selborne
Country: Australia

Practice Area: Insurance

  • Level 2, 174 Phillip Street
    NSW 2000
Laina is the 2021 Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Barrister of the Year. She is the distinctive authority on the interplay between construction and insurance law. She is a widely published author on construction, property and insurance law. Her works are on the reading lists of many Universities, including the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, the University of Queensland and many others. She authored the chapters on professional liability and insuring risk in construction law in Bailey's "Construction Law in Australia", Thomson Reuters, 4th Edition, and wrote the chapter for Australia in the Law Review's "Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review", 10th Edition. Her book with JW Carter on "Contract and the Australian Consumer Law", Federation Press, 2019, is a seminal work and examines how the Australian Consumer Law has modified the law of contract. In addition to regularly publishing in peer reviewed journals including the Insurance Law Journal, she is a regular contributor to the LexisNexis Insurance Law Bulletin and joined the editorial panel of the ILB in 2022.

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