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Lucia Myriam Netti

Country: Italy

Practice Area: International Corporate

  • Via Giolitti 49
    Turin (TO)
Lucia Myriam Netti is the Senior Regional Partner at Horizons, overseeing the advisory’s activities in EMEA regions.

In her faceted role with the advisory, Lucia adeptly serves companies in developing business operations abroad. With expertise in transnational business negotiation and corporate, international, and industrial law, she manages the EMEA team to formulate robust corporate structures and shareholders’ protection for long-term profitable investments.

Lucia facilitates medium and multinationals transactions with a commitment to transparency. Specifically, she walks alongside clients to shape transparent, tangible and concentrate corporate solutions for their investments in the EMEA region. Therefore, clients are not faced with accumulating billable hours or projected misleading expectations, rather Lucia heads a client centric EMEA team, which strives for maximum client trust and transparency. 

Her current work includes restructuring corporate architecture for European groups, overseeing the development of eastern European investments, and leading the global anti-money laundering compliance programs in EMEA regions.

Lucia is a well-sought panel speaker for her legal practice and experience as a woman in law. She widely advocates for female visibility in law, especially women in senior legal roles. Specifically, Lucia strives through her public speaking to raise female partner profiles in legal practice and reform the male-dominated narrative – thus inspire young women entering law to break the ‘glass ceiling’.    

About Horizons
Horizons leverages a worldwide team in over 40 jurisdictions to serve clients and erase language, geographical or cultural barriers. Namely, the client is designated a local team in their country or region to navigate them through unfamiliar jurisdictions. In the comfort of the client’s home country or region, the Horizons team delivers global results through local gateway and erase cultural and geographical obstacles.

Prior to joining Horizons, Lucia served several law firms, acted as legal consultant to governments 

Lucia is a graduate of the University of Law of Turin (Italy).

She additionally holds a postgraduate degree from the School of the Legal Careers for Judges and Lawyers (Turin, Italy), as well as a Master in International Contracts in Milan (Italy).

An Italian national, Lucia is fluent in English, Russian and Italian.

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