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Gary Smith

Firm: Venture Corporate Finance
Country: United Kingdom - UK Wide

Practice Area: M&A Advisory

  • 13 Hanover Square,
    London, W1S 1HN
Venture Corporate Finance is a corporate finance business with transactional experience mainly covering the key sectors of IT, Telecommunications and SaaS. We offer advice from our team of experts starting with our Transaction Readiness Report allowing business owners to assess the Venture Corporate Finance approach and methodologies.

Selling your business can be a life changing step for an entrepreneur. Do you do it yourself? Who do you choose to help? Let Venture Corporate Finance simplify and de-risk the transaction for you with our unique four stage process that minimises potential problems and unnecessary costs. We operate on a shared-risk model with success fees only.

Selling a business can be a life changing step for any entrepreneur. However, like any transaction, it is not without risk. At Venture Corporate Finance we are committed to ensuring the sale process is transparent, quick and well-managed. Unlike most advisors we adopt a shared-risk approach and are only rewarded on success. Our unique four stage process is proven to reduce risk for the seller.

Buying another business is a great way of increasing growth and value for your company. It is, however, a strategy that is often hard to execute in a highly competitive marketplace. With so many acquirers how do you deliver a strategy that works? Our consultancy will help you achieve a successful outcome with our sector focus, dedicated research and in-depth market knowledge.

The options and advice available around selling or buying a business are endless – from costly corporate finance advisors (charging large monthly retainers from the outset) to generic all-sector brokers who will not understand the true value of your business.

We understand that the first thing any business owner wants to know is the value of their company in the current market place and the active buyers who have the resources to complete.

As the first part of our unique four stage process we prepare a Transaction Readiness Report which addresses valuation, drivers of the valuation, any potential issues and the buyer landscape.

As part of our commitment to shared-risk this is provided completely free of charge, the only cost to you will be your time.

Is your business ready for the next phase in growth? Are you looking at a buy-and-build strategy? We have long-standing relationships with a range of funders, including private equity investors, high net worth individuals, high street banks and specialist corporate lenders. We will be able to identify and secure the most appropriate source of funding based on your specific requirements.

At Venture Corporate Finance we have years of experience and relationships with a wide-range of TMT buyers so we can connect you to the perfect buyer for your business. It is important to know and understand the potential buyers. Key questions include: do they have access to the necessary funds, what is their buy-cycle and do they have a good reputation with regard to Earn Out payments?

At Venture Corporate Finance we have a very clear vision and strategy for shareholders that ensures we deliver the highest quality of service from start to finish and we do this with the most transparent, open and honest approach from any other broker in the marketplace. With us you will not pay any fees until you have received a valid offer, you will never pay any retainers and our contracts are non-jargon or complicated with no forever success fee ties-ins.

Simply put we offer the lowest risk to selling your IT/Telecoms/Software business in the market without losing either the quality or the support from start to finish.

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