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Anthony V. Raftopol

Firm: Ternir Group
Country: Albania

Practice Area: International Corporate

Anthony Raftopol is a Founding Member of Ternir Group, boasting a remarkable 25-year career as a U.S.-trained international lawyer. He specializes in facilitating cross-border transactions that benefit private and institutional investors seeking to conduct business in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Mr. Raftopol has a diverse portfolio of clients in industries such as transportation, infrastructure, construction, power generation, oil & gas, agriculture, healthcare, real estate, leisure properties, and consumer products.

Mr. Raftopol's expertise extends to various areas of law, including real estate finance and development, cross-border M&A transactions, joint venture structures, franchising, as well as private equity fund management and operations. He is a member of the Bar of the State of New York (USA) since 1995 and the Bar of Bucharest, Romania (status currently inactive). He holds a degree from the Boston University School of Law.

During his career, Mr. Raftopol has worked with numerous top international legal firms, representing them in-house and on an "of-counsel" basis. He is fluent in several European languages, including English and Romanian, enabling him to serve clients across borders and cultures.

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