International Intellectual Property - Zimbabwe

International Intellectual Property - Zimbabwe

Published May 2023


Brenda M. Wood-Kahari

Country: Zimbabwe

Practice Area: Intellectual Property

  • Baronage House
    Belgravia/Avondale Harare
    24 Lanark Road

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Our firm was established in 1986 and is a lifestyle practice dedicated to providing services to foreign clients who have an interest in Zimbabwe and other States in Africa, or local clients based in Zimbabwe who have interest in foreign countries outside Zimbabwe. We have a reputation as one of the leading law firms in Africa that specialise in Intellectual Property (IP) and commercial transactions. As experts in the areas of IP and commercial transactions, we are able to provide a full range of services to protect clients’ IP rights. We advise clients on the most reliable and cost-efficient way to protect their rights through registration, advice on commercialisation of IP through contracts, licensing, etc, provide watch services, research and investigations related to piracy and infringement and legal representation at administrative level, arbitration and courts for enforcement of rights. In this respect, we have knowledge and experience with registration systems at national, regional and international level for IP, and we are experienced in commercial matters and as litigators.

Our offices are equipped with the latest technology, library facilities and reliable Internet, and our professional and administrative staff are well educated and continue to stay up to date through continuing education, seminars and international conferences.

We advise clients that the initial step is registration of IP through national, regional or international systems depending upon the nature of their goods and services and the countries where they intend to do business. Thereafter, it is important to enter into appropriate contracts, licensing, joint venture or other agreements for commercialisation of their IP. We inform clients on how to establish domain names as well as on advertising laws related to traditional and social media platforms.

The most active areas are foodstuffs, beverages; pharmaceuticals; vehicles; computer hardware and software; mobile apps. These are the areas most actively engaged in commerce.

These challenges include border protection and enforcement of rights.

Our firm filed the first application at ZIPO (the Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Office) designating other countries through the Madrid Protocol. Initially, there was a challenge in that the local office computer system was not compatible but that was eventually sorted out.

These experiences over the years have been invaluable in understanding international commercial transactions, social and economic nuances of doing business in various countries and the ability to identify issues and offer solutions that may not otherwise be readily apparent.

Publications and conferences are extremely important to stay informed about international events, trends and recent decisions. Attending conferences are not only great networking opportunities but also sharing first-hand knowledge and experience as well as exchange of ideas with others about history and current developments in their countries.

Former member of the Board and Executive committee member of INTA; Speaker at ANA (Association of National Advertisers) with Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance; WIPO Regional Expert – lecturer in the Distance Learning Academy and for Masters in Intellectual Property degree at Africa University; Member of the Board (Steering Committee) for the Masters in Intellectual Property.

There has been proposed legislation related to Data Privacy, Cyber Crimes and Security, Consumer Protection; but thus far, the Parliament has not proceeded.

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