International Corporate / M&A - Italy

International Corporate / M&A - Italy

Published October 2019


Fausto De Angelis

Firm: "FdA" Studio Legale Avv. Fausto De Angelis - Legal Services in Business Law
Country: Italy

Practice Area: Contract

  • Via Garibaldi 55/D
    21020 Buguggiate

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“FdA” Law Firm guarantees wide-ranging specialist legal advice and assistance in corporate and business law. The Founder and Managing Partner Fausto De Angelis has trained his skills on solid projects with a wide-ranging national and international scope, managing all-encompassing aspects of a legal and corporate nature. Clients who turn to “FdA” Law Firm will be able to count on consultancy and integrated support between the various parts of Business Law with the aim of putting entrepreneurs in a position to carry out their business in a "safe" way, but always with an eye turned towards development and revival.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 emergency has forced clients and legal advisors to review how to manage their working relationship. At the moment, I manage 80% of my daily work through video meetings and remote activity. I do think that the current situation has created the opportunity of these digital tools entering more rapidly into the management of legal services.

With my corporate client portfolio, I am experiencing an increase of the workflow in three main directions: boost of compliance structure to face new law restrictions, contract management and restructuring to respond to the pressure coming from the more challenging business climate. Just recently, I have worked on a couple of cases to help those clients to review and upgrade their internal compliance system to align with health and safety regulations. Also, the unexpected block of supply chains has forced corporates to review the existing General Terms & Conditions of commercial contracts to mitigate the negative effects on companies’ profit and loss.

As business lawyer, I normally advise my clients in managing relationship with customers and suppliers through “extra Court” solutions. Working years in the international business environment, I have developed a large experience in using negotiating skills and applying ADR methods.

Some of my clients have been affected by a serious business interruption. For this reason, I had to think how to minimize their losses and, at the same time, how to help them in reorganizing their legal strategy to support, at best, the revised business plan.

Certainly in this new COVID-19 time I have had more requests of legal advisory from SMEs. This is because they are more affected by the negative effects of this economic turmoil.

I work with entrepreneurs mainly on Corporate law, Compliance, Contract law and labour workforce restructuring.

I am active in webinars and online international conferences, which are posted on LinkedIn, as well as in those ones organized within the professional network I am part of.

I work alongside my clients to assess their risk framework, identify gaps, detect potential risks and suggest action plans to ensure risk reduction for law violation and to ensure that their business maintains its competitive advantage.

I do believe that my experience for so many years as “in-house” legal executive in multinational companies has been a key factor for the success of my current role as Legal Advisor in Business Law. I have gained a unique experience on how to see things from a business perspective – which is really what entrepreneurs need to have from lawyers.

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