International Intellectual Property - Switzerland

International Intellectual Property - Switzerland

Published August 2019


Franco Oriti

Firm: Oriti Patents
Country: Switzerland

Practice Area: Patent

  • Viale Carlo Cattaneo, 23
    6900 Lugano

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Trying to automate as much as possible all paralegal work so that secretaries may focus more on proofreading, public relations, marketing and blogs.

Protection, commercialisation and renewals are remunerative.

These are important, but sometimes clients do not think so.

No, the same as before by phone, e-mails and video conferences.

This will increase in the near future.

A monitoring and automatic e-reminder system is very useful. I use the free webtool IP Due Dates (

Most of the courts have postponed their disputes, and some are ready to accept them via video conference.

The digital economy will increase and become more widespread.

Networks are very important, as is the consolidation of reciprocal business relationships.

The coming Unitary Patent in the EU and the exit of the UK (Brexit) from the European Trademark and Design System will keep us aware of further, and nearer, IP changes.

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