International Corporate / M&A - Cyprus

International Corporate / M&A - Cyprus

Published May 2023


Loucas A. Haviaras

Firm: Haviaras & Philippou L.L.C.
Country: Cyprus

Practice Area: Corporate

  • 1 Constantinou Skokou Street, Capital Chambers, 6th Floor

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Haviaras & Philippou L.L.C. has for a long time been established as a confident partner for legal and business matters. The lawyers are adopting a responsive and innovative approach to explore solutions that will allow clients to move onwards with their business quickly and reliably in the hectic times we live in. 

The team advises clients across the globe on both their domestic deals as well as their most intricate cross-border transactions, offering market-leading capabilities. A steadfast team loyal to the firm are able to resolve complex matters and to react on a tight schedule.  

Our commitment is to provide exceptional client service and aim for ultimate objectives so to succeed and achieve the best results for our clients.

Due to our knowledge, deep expertise and experience we manage to be resourceful and efficient. The people of the firm and the large network we developed with law firms around the globe allow us to provide services on cross-border transactions and thus develop and grow clients’ business with no restrictions.

Alongside with the efficient and capable administrative personnel we have managed to enhance the trust of our clientele which pushes us to offer excellency as a result. 

The Practice

The Corporate Department supports and advises multinational and domestic clients who are exposed to commercial risk taking. They deal with all matters relating to corporate and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate restructurings, corporate governance, capital markets and private equity investments. Loucas Haviaras has successfully led the department for the past 12 years and works closely with the litigation team of the firm on any matters relating to shareholders’ disputes, liquidation proceedings, cross-border transactions, derivative actions etc.

Due to the uncertainty that is in the air the last year, many multinational organisations look to obtain legal opinion and guidance on either expanding in other jurisdictions or ending their corporation in others. 

COVID-19 has negatively impacted the whole world, including economic transactions, business growth and thus mergers and acquisitions, while simultaneously it was a time for those looking ahead to invest and create opportunities for their wealth to expand. Some of our clients belonged in the latter group of people which kept us busy during COVID-19. 

Real estate, being the stable investment, is booming; the thought is that growth and stability can be achieved. Businessmen also seem to be interested in the tourism industry as the thirst for travelling after COVID-19 grows and investment in holidaying real estate units has been something of interest the past six months. 

n most of the transactions our corporate clients are involved in, since they are usually cross-border transactions and agreements taking place, firms other than us are usually involved. We have worked with Irish, German, British and other law firm of different sizes and structures, but with a positive attitude on all. 

I would say that now more than before we do attend to legal submits, either being conferences abroad or seminars in Cyprus. COVID-19 has helped in this department as a lot of seminars now allow you to take part online thus you need not be away from your desk, which keeps you available to your clientele while expanding your knowledge. 

Transparency, through the UBO registers and a demand of Trusts being created, family offices.  

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