International Commercial - Jamaica

International Commercial - Jamaica

Published May 2023


Alimi Banjoko

Firm: Banjoko Law
Country: Jamaica

Practice Area: Commercial

  • 25 Dominica Drive
    The Towers, Suite 10S01
    Kingston 5

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Banjoko Law: Legal Solutions Across Borders(R)

Banjoko Law is a full-service international law practice concentrating on civil transactions and litigation. 

I started in 2006 as a solo practitioner and worked in two limited-term partnerships before establishing Banjoko Law in 2016.

Apart from being ready to grow our clients’ wealth, protect their property, recover losses and provide peace of mind, Banjoko Law offers services in commerce & business, admiralty, probate & administration, real estate, family & divorce, personal injury and civil litigation.

Banjoko Law, consistent with its trademark, Legal Solutions Across Borders(R), is dedicated to delivering a diverse range of defined services in select civil practice areas. The team at Banjoko Law is positioned to provide legal solutions that arise across various borders, and that impact their presence, operations and activities in Jamaica.

The team at Banjoko Law prefer to prevent an issue than cure a problem. However, the firm will diligently work at solving any problem if that is their clients’ starting point.

Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at Banjoko Law will continue to deliver exceptional service to clients, ensuring that we not only meet their requirements, but we will work tirelessly to surpass realistic expectations. Lastly, Banjoko Law hopes to continue to build their reputation. Let the amazing happen!

Providing the firm with a platform to deliver its exceptional services is a dedicated, hard-working and experienced team, which forms the backbone of Banjoko Law. The team is available not only to its clients, but also to other attorneys, 24/7.

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