International Intellectual Property - Czech Republic

International Intellectual Property - Czech Republic

Published May 2023


Lenka Musilová

Firm: Mgr. Lenka Musilová, INPARTNERS GROUP
Country: Czech Republic

Practice Area: Intellectual Property

  • Tuřanka 1519/115a
    627 00 Brno

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We are a group of independent patent attorneys and attorneys at law. We specialize in all matters related to IP. In our team we have European patent attorneys with patent specialization, trademark attorney with TM specialization and attorney at law with litigation specialization. We can offer to our clients full services in all field of intellectual property.

Firstly, we listen to the client very carefully, then we evaluate the situation and find the best way for our client. We often solve rights infringements – counterfeit and pirated goods. Currently we register new trademarks and designs because it is very important for business and clients found out that it is easier defend the rights with registered IP. 

We solve all of those areas so I can’t tell which of those are the most active. All are important and our daily work.

Often we deal with the TM registration process when prior identical or similar trademarks exist, firms use common signs as the main brand of the company and then it is difficult to register and defend their brand. 

It is very important, because IP searches may save a lot of money, prevent re-branding, and may prevent long and costly disputes. 

Currently we use an internet platform for calling and sharing information, we have e-meetings with our abroad clients. And of course I am member of INTA, MARQUES, so we are checking conferences and if it is possible, we attend them. 

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