Special offer: A UK company with an account, just 1100 euro!

Published: 19 Nov 2019

  • The company cost is 950 euro + 150 euro for an account with IBAN number*
  • Option to set up an additional account just for 650 euro
  • Company and account launched within 3 weeks
  • A corporate IBAN account in Great Britain (set up in the company’s country of registration)

The major advantages of a British company include:

  • Speed – the company registration process is quick and can be performed online
  • Low price – with SBSB’s special offer you save up significantly on company incorporation and account opening
  • A company account​ allows you access to the extensive banking infrastructure and opens up opportunities to have accounts opened in most European banks and payment systems
  • Prestige – the company will inspire confidence and look prestigious in the eyes of investors and partners
  • Simplicity of business operations – the regulatory and legal framework of the country is transparent and easy tounderstand​

​UK companies have long been recognized an efficient solution for IT businesses and startups, online trading and services provision, and are also used with success as agency companies, holdings and many other entities.

Do not hesitate to contact​ us directly right now

*Additionally, a payment system fee of EUR 750 is paid - you pay it directly to the payment system.

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Yuliya Barabash

Firm: SBSB Legal Service
Country: Ukraine

Practice Area: Commercial

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