UK Citizens Can Now Apply for the Portugal Golden Visa

Published: 26 Jan 2021

Since 1 January 2021, UK citizens are now eligible to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa Program. With Brexit in full effect, UK citizens are considered non-EU citizens, which is a requirement to apply for this investment immigration scheme.

Portugal Golden Visa benefits for UK citizens

Being a Portugal Golden Visa holder has many benefits for UK citizens seeking to maintain their economic and mobility freedom in a post-Brexit world. The program enables qualifying investors to procure Portuguese residency and unlimited visa-free travel access to the European countries in a few months’ time.

After five years of maintaining the Golden Visa, UK investors and their families become eligible for Portuguese citizenship. Holding the Portuguese passport grants visa-free access to over 183 countries and full European rights. Freely live, work and travel anywhere in Europe.

In addition, Portugal offers a very favorable tax regime to its residents: investors have the option to become non-habitual residents and pay little to no tax for ten years.

Fast and affordable process

Applying for the Portugal Golden Visa is a very straight-forward process. In exchange for a qualifying investment of at least €280,000, UK investors and their families can become Portuguese residents in a few months. With investment routes such as property, investment funds, capital transfer, and more, there are multiple options to meet different needs.

With Golden Visa applications now entirely digitalized, the process has become more efficient. All documents are to be submitted digitally, including the issuance of the Portuguese Individual Tax Number.

Overview of the Portugal Golden Visa Program

Launched in 2012, the Portugal Golden Visa program is one of the most popular residency by investment schemes in Europe. The program allows investors and their families to obtain residency permits in exchange for a qualifying investment in just a few months. With multiple investment routes available and the ability to become a Portuguese citizen in five years, acquiring European rights is achievable. Since its launch, 9,389 investors and 16050 family members have benefited from the program.

For more information on the Portugal Golden Visa Program, visit our Golden Visa Portugal 2021 Ultimate Guide.

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